Is SEO a waste of money?

There is a very common misconception that website optimization equals search engine optimization (SEO) The truth of the matter is that SEO is an important component but it is also one of the most expensive components towards proper optimization and it can dent your budget big time without any measurable return on investment, or real business improvement.

SEO’s main role is not to get you a high ranking or put your site on the first page of Google just for the sake of such great achievement (Something that most SEO vendors believe to be their ultimate mission!) SEO’s number one job is to get you traffic! i.e. more people visiting your site.

It is great to have many people visiting your site day in and day out and it is even better to see this number of visitors increase over the time, because no one has any chance to succeed online without high traffic of qualified visitors.

But have you really asked yourself the BIG question? “Why do I want people to visit my site?” or the basic but inevitable question of: “what is the purpose of my website?”

The vast majority of businesses and entrepreneurs pay for SEO services without getting much return on their investment or seeing any core benefits or profits to brag about not because they did not get the promised traffic (which some actually don’t) , but it is mainly because they were not ready fo it!

Allow me to explain; Would you invite many friends and work mates over to your house for dinner, while the house is not organized, you do not have anyone to serve them and you do not have food available ? Do you like to be caught off-guard?If your answer is NO, then STOP doing this online too. Continue reading

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